Linear Fixtures(Strip, Wrap)

Illuminate Your Commercial Space with Halcon's Linear LED Lighting

Quality lighting is essential for any commercial establishment, whether it's an office, retail store, restaurant or industrial facility. The right lighting enhances ambiance, productivity and safety. With the advancement of LED technology, linear lighting fixtures have emerged as an innovative solution for commercial spaces, combining sleek aesthetics, flexibility and energy efficiency.

As a premier manufacturer of commercial and industrial luminaires, Halcon Lighting offers an extensive collection of linear LED lighting fixtures designed to meet the needs of diverse commercial settings.

Overview of Halcon's Linear Lighting Collection

Halcon's linear lighting collection includes a range of LED strips, pendants, wraps and interconnectable fixtures. Within each product line is a selection of sizes, lumen outputs, color temperatures and control options. This allows full customizability to tailor the lighting design to your unique space.

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Pendant Lights

Halcon's LED pendant lights include the Direct/Indirect HG-L246 and Linkable HG-L242S models ranging from 1' to 8' in length. These suspended linear fixtures cast both ambient and task lighting over spaces like offices, reception areas, and restaurants. The transparent profile virtually disappears when not illuminated.

Linear Strips

The linear strip lights come in lengths of 2', 4', and 8' with field-selectable CCTs of 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K plus wattages from 15W to 100W. The sleek rectangular design can be configured for perimeter lighting, task illumination, architectural accents, and more.

Interconnectable Fixtures

Halcon's interconnectable linear fixtures like the C2309 use a plug-and-play system to create seamless runs. With lengths of 498mm, 1167mm, and 2330mm, they can adapt to any layout. Louver lenses focus the LED light while giving a clean, uniform look.

LED Wraps

The LED Prismatic Wrap Light HG-L239 delivers even illumination across larger commercial and industrial spaces. The wraparound design distributes glare-free white light ideal for high ceilings and structures with exposed beams or pipes.

Benefits of Linear LED Lighting for Commercial Spaces

Linear lighting built with LED technology provides numerous advantages over conventional fluorescent fixtures.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

LEDs consume significantly less power than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Halcon's linear products deliver exceptionally high efficacy up to 130 lumens per watt. This results in lower electricity usage and costs over the 50,000-hour lifetime. Integrated sensor controls like occupancy, daylight and dimming further maximize energy savings.

Optimal Light Distribution

The elongated LED strips and pendants are designed to distribute light evenly across large areas without harsh glare or shadows. The prismatic wrap lens adds diffusion for remarkably uniform illumination, a key advantage over point source lighting.

Seamless Ambient Lighting

Interconnectable products like the C2309 Linear Light allow seamless connections to create the appearance of a continuous light line. This delivers clean and uninterrupted ambient illumination for architectural appeal.

Superior Durability

With no glass or filaments, LED fixtures are far more resistant to damage and degradation compared to fluorescent or incandescent. Halcon's aluminum housing withstands knocks, vibrations and humidity while circuit boards effectively dissipate heat.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The lightweight linear designs with flexible wiring make for swift installation and positioning. Maintenance is also simplified with components like quick-connect cords and plug-in modules. Changing LED boards and drivers takes little effort.

Design and Application Flexibility

Available in multiple sizes with changeable technical parameters, Halcon's linear luminaires can fulfill a vast array of commercial lighting needs. Long runs brighten large open spaces, short segments highlight architectural features, wraps contour building structures, and pendants add artistic flair. Light output, color temperature, optics and controls are customizable.

Halcon's expansive linear lighting selection means you can find ideal fixtures for any commercial setting.

Office Lighting

LED strip lights offer perfect task and ambient illumination on office desks, in cubicles and perimeter lighting. Adjustable color temperature caters to varied user preferences. The HG-L207 slim strips work great under cabinets and shelves. Suspended linear pendants inject artistic style to reception areas and lounge spaces.

Retail and Restaurant Lighting

For high ceilings, the prismatic wrap lights distribute glare-free illumination across the entire space. Interconnectable fixtures and pendants add ambient lighting and visual appeal over spaces like checkout counters. Accentuate shelves and displays using LED strips.

Industrial Facility Lighting

Halcon's industrial linear high bays paired with prismatic wraps illuminate expansive warehouse and manufacturing interiors. Vapor tight LEDs withstand humidity and workshop conditions. The economic HG-L205C strip lights work well in utility rooms and storage areas.

Factory liner fixture lights solution from China Halcon Lighting

Hospitality Lighting

Define reception lobbies with artistic linear pendants. Wash guest room corridors with uniform ambient light from CCT-selectable strips. Add cove lighting using flexible strips for restaurant dining areas. Light walkways with resilient vapor tight fixtures.

Halcon's diverse linear lighting solutions will make any interior space visually stunning and optimally illuminated.

Adaptable Features of Halcon's Linear Fixtures

Bathed in the latest lighting technology, Halcon's linear fixtures incorporate adaptable features that set them apart.

Field-Selectable CCT and Wattage

Many products feature field-selectable color temperature and wattage, alterable on-site to fulfill changing needs. CCT options of 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K support varied lighting goals from stimulating to comforting, to natural. Output can be adjusted between 15W to 100W to match evolving spatial requirements and energy budgets.

Integrated Sensor Controls

Halcon integrates cutting-edge sensor controls to maximize functionality and savings including:

  • Occupancy sensing - Automatically turns lights off when spaces are vacant
  • Daylight harvesting - Dim lights based on natural light
  • High-end trim - Limits maximum output
  • Wireless Bluetooth - Enables personalized control via mobile apps

These smart-systems enhance automation, convenience and energy optimization.

Continuous Light Lines

Interconnectable products utilize quick-connect wiring and joiners to form uninterrupted lighting runs. With plug-and-play connectors, sections easily link together into longer chains. This creates the illusion of a singular, consistent light bar.


Compatibility with 0-10V dimming drivers allows easy integration with advanced lighting controls. Linear fixtures can be dimmed from 1% to 100% for further energy savings and ambiance adjustment.

Emergency Backup

Critical safety lighting is enabled by optional emergency backup modules keeping lights operational during power failures for 90 minutes. This integrates emergency lighting seamlessly into the main lighting design.

Suspension Options

The larger strip lights and pendants work with pendant rods and cables for suspended installations. Surface mounts are also available for simplified mounting.

Premium Quality from Halcon's China Factory

Headquartered in China, Halcon leverages world-class manufacturing capabilities to produce superb quality, affordable luminaires. Stringent quality control ensures consistent performance. Components are robustly designed for longevity including heat-dissipating LED boards and aluminum housings. Superior materials like high-optical plastics and silicone sealants withstand degradation. Luminaires carry safety certifications like UL/DLC/CE. Cutting-edge equipment enables tight tolerances, precise fabrication and reliable circuitry. The result is exceptional made-in-China lighting merging innovation, craftsmanship, and value, which makes Halcon Lighting the perfect China Linear Fixture supplier and manufacturer.

Halcon Delivers Custom Lighting Solutions

Halcon has the expertise to deliver custom linear lighting solutions for large corporate projects. Their seasoned engineering team helps assess needs, design layouts and select appropriate products. For big installations, customized manufacturing offers the exact fixture specifications required. As an experienced lighting partner, Halcon ensures perfect lighting execution from planning to installation.

Find the best linear lighting partner for your commercial space: Halcon Lighting

Halcon's expansive linear lighting collection provides the ideal LED-based solutions to enhance any interior space aesthetically and functionally. With superior illumination, quality, durability and efficiency, these luminaires will transform your environment visually and environmentally.

Ready to take your commercial lighting to the next level? Get in touch with Halcon's lighting experts today to find the perfect linear fixtures to create your ideal illuminated environment.

With over a decade of experience providing premium quality, energy-efficient lighting, Halcon has the expertise to illuminate any commercial space stylishly and flawlessly. Partner with Halcon today to transform your environment with brilliant linear lighting.