LED High Bay Lights

China's Top LED High Bay Light Manufacturer & Supplier - Halcon Lighting

As a leader in commercial and industrial lighting solutions, Halcon Lighting offers a stellar LED High Bay Lights collection delivering maximum illumination, energy savings, and hassle-free maintenance to warehouses, factories, gyms, and beyond. Discover why businesses trust Halcon to enhance visibility, safety, and productivity with heavy-duty yet energy-efficient LED high bay fixtures.

Heavy-Duty LEDs to Outwork & Outlast the Competition

Engineered for punishing real-world environments, Halcon's LED linear models offer unmatched durability:

  • 80,000 Hour Lifespans deliver over 9 years of rigorous 24/7 operation.
  • Resilient Housing withstands moisture, dirt, impacts, and wear and tear.
  • Broad -4°F to 122°F Temperature Range ensures reliable operation come snow or heat.
  • ETL/DLC Premium Certifications verify safety, performance, and commercial-grade quality.

When you need lighting that won't quit, Halcon delivers.

Unsurpassed 130 LPW System Efficacy

Halcon leverages state-of-the-art LEDs, drivers, and thermal management to create solutions with industry-leading energy efficiency such as the:

  • HG-L225-220W model - Delivering 28,600 lumens at 220 watts for exceptional 130 lumens per watt efficacy.

Adjustable output from 4000K to 5000K color temperatures enables fine-tuned light quality while 0-10V dimer and occupancy sensor integration slashes energy use by dimming or turning off fixtures when not in use.

Contact Halcon Lighting for help assessing energy and cost-saving potential for your specific application.

Versatile Linear Form Factors

With multiple lengths such as 2ft and 4ft models available, Halcon's LED linear high bay lights adapt to mount from 20ft warehouses to 180ft distribution centers and beyond. Additional advantages include:

  • Surface, chain, or cable mounting flexibility
  • Universal voltage for hassle-free 120V to 347V electrical integration
  • 80+ CRI for accurate color rendering crucial for inspection
  • 0-10V dimming across all models

Finding the right fixture specs to meet technical needs and budget alike proves simple.

Minimal Maintenance Maximize Uptime

Halcon LED linear high bays practically eliminate maintenance headaches thanks to:

  • 80,000 Hour Lifespans that reduce failure risks by 75% over fluorescents
  • Durable, sealed housings to keep contaminants out
  • Plug-and-play designs enable easy installation and replacements
  • 5-year standard warranties for peace of mind

Completely Customizable Solutions

Every business environment has unique lighting needs. Rather than force a one-size-fits-all approach, Halcon Lighting tailors LED high bay solutions to your exact requirements:

  • Spec buildings over 100' tall or under 20'? Our engineers determine ideal mounting heights and lumen packages to maximize light quality for your parameters.
  • Need lighting focused on key equipment or evenly dispersed for general visibility? We design optical configurations that distribute light precisely across target areas.
  • Have mezzanines, racking, or other obstacles? No problem. We model your space's physical layout to determine fixture quantity, placement, and output for complete, uniform lighting.

With free digital planning services, Halcon makes achieving your perfect lighting balance easy. Contact us today to request your custom high bay lighting recommendation.

Trusted Wholesale Partner

As a fully integrated lighting company, Halcon handles everything from R&D and design to manufacturing and distribution. As a trusted China wholesale partner, Halcon makes it easy for companies worldwide to access premium LED high bay lighting at factory-direct pricing.

Contact Halcon today to discuss your project and get a quote for high-quality, energy-efficient high bay lighting.

Customer Highlights & Success Stories

Hundreds of warehouse managers, factory owners, and architects put their trust in Halcon Lighting every year for facilities both large and small. Take a look at some recent success stories (because of the privacy use of anonymity):

"Upgrading our dated metal halides to Halcon's LED high bays trimmed over $5K from our monthly utility expenses. Plus the occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting provide amazing control over wasted lighting."

Arnold G., Operations Manager, a Storage Center in th U.S.

"Their CAD lighting mockup showed us exactly how many units we'd need and where to install for perfect light across our entire 25' tall gymnasium. Installed in one afternoon and the results are phenomenal - so bright and consistent wall-to-wall."

Coach S., Athletic Director, a High School in the U.S.

Ready to write your own LED high bay success story? Request a Quote or Contact Us to get started tailoring your perfect lighting solution and know why we're the best LED High Bays supplier.

What is an LED high bay light?

An LED high bay light is a high-output fluorescent replacement used in spaces with high ceilings like warehouses, gymnasiums, factories and other industrial environments. They have a wider beam angle to provide greater illumination over a large area than typical fluorescent or incandescent fixtures.

What are the benefits of LED high bays over fluorescent?

LED high bays provide higher energy efficiency, lower long-term costs, easier installation with less wiring, longer usable life, maintenance-free operation, dimmability, more consistent light output, and work in cold temperatures versus fluorescent fixtures. They also don't contain mercury.

What wattages are available?

Common LED high bay wattages range from 80W to 325W, providing light output levels from around 10,000 lumens up to 42,000 lumens depending on the model. Higher wattages are used for very large areas with high ceilings.

Are the fixtures dimmable?

Yes, our LED high bay fixtures are dimmable either with 0-10V dimming drivers or wireless Bluetooth controls for various lighting levels as needed throughout the day.

How do I choose the right color temperature?

Cooler 5000K-4000K CCTs work best for industrial/retail applications where tasks need to be clearly visible. Warmer 3000K-3500K CCTs can be used for office/warehouse spaces where appearance is important too.