Vapor Tight LED Lights (IP65)

Withstand Harsh Environments with Halcon Lighting's Vapor Tight Light IP65 Series

Halcon Lighting's Vapor Tight Light IP65 series represents the peak of industrial-grade lighting solutions for humid, dusty, and otherwise challenging spaces. Engineered for uncompromising durability and energy efficiency, these LED fixtures deliver the precise, reliable illumination industrial settings demand.

Discover why Halcon's Vapor Tight series is the go-to solution for facilities seeking to elevate their lighting game in demanding environments. Request a quote to experience industry-leading ingress protection paired with modern versatility firsthand.

Built to Withstand Dust, Moisture, and More

The IP65 rating signifies these LED vapor tight lights offer complete protection against contact from dust particles as well as low-pressure water jets from any direction. This heavy-duty design ensures consistent illumination and minimal maintenance headaches even in dirty, humid, or otherwise contaminated areas.

Common applications for Halcon's Vapor Tight series include:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Parking garages
  • Cold storage spaces
  • And more

With resilience to withstand even industrial environments day in and day out, facilities no longer need to settle for lackluster lighting that falters when conditions get tough.

Efficiency and Performance Hand in Hand

Halcon Lighting skips compromises with the Vapor Tight series — energy efficiency intersects seamlessly with rugged construction. Offering options ranging from 4,000 to 12,000 lumens paired with crisp 80+ CRI light quality, facilities illuminate work areas precisely while also conserving energy compared to less optimized legacy solutions.

A Complete Lighting Package

The Vapor Tight series includes all the bells and whistles expected from contemporary, commercial-grade LED lighting:

  • Multiple color temperatures from 3000K to 5000K to align with facility needs and preferences
  • Wide range of wattages and lumen packages to customize lighting levels
  • 0-10V dimming available for on-demand light control
  • Emergency battery backup configurations to maintain safety in the event of outages
  • Occupancy/daylight sensor options further curb energy demands

Paired with rugged dependability, this versatile series minimizes costs across the board.

Adaptable Fixtures for Seamless Installation

The Vapor Tight series is designed for simplicity from start to finish. With a range of form factors from 2ft, 4ft to 8ft and beyond, finding the right fixture specs to align with existing spaces is effortless. Installation is a snap as well thanks to toolless access and electrical hookups.

Options for Connected Light Management

For large industrial settings, advanced controls take efficiency and customization to the next level:

  • Wireless mesh options enable remote monitoring and control from mobile devices
  • Tie lighting schedules, dimming, and occupancy settings together across large areas
  • Receive real-time diagnostics and preventative maintenance alerts

Automated sensing and scheduling paired with granular, zone-based control minimizes wasted energy consumption while aligning lighting to actual facility needs around the clock.

Request a Quote to Learn More

Don't settle for lighting that leaves your facility vulnerable to contamination or moisture damage — trust Halcon's Vapor Tight series for uncompromising illumination in challenging spaces instead. With heavy-duty IP65 construction plus contemporary efficiency and controls, experience the new standard for industrial lighting firsthand by requesting a quote today.

What does IP65 rated mean?

IP65 rating means the fixture is dust-tight and protects against water projected from a nozzle (6 bar) against harm for a minimum of 15 minutes. This makes them suitable for wet, humid or severe conditions.

What types of environments are they suitable for?

Vapor tight lights can be used in industrial locations, metal or wood shops, parking garages, walkways, cold storage facilities, or anywhere wet, humid or severe conditions may occur.

What sizes are available?

Vapor tight lights come in common lengths like 2ft, 4ft, 5ft and 8ft to suit different space requirements. Some models also offer customized lengths for special projects.

Can they be connected together?

Yes, many vapor tight models feature linkable designs that allow fixtures to be securely connected end-to-end to create a continuous row of lighting as needed.

What wattages do they offer?

Wattages typically range from 15W up to 100W depending on the model, providing different light output levels. Multi-wattage options are also available for flexibility.

Are they dimmable?

Some models can be equipped with optional 0-10V dimming drivers for brightness adjustment. Bluetooth controls are also available on certain fixtures to enable dimming and scheduling convenience.

What is the typical lifespan?

Vapor tight LED lights are rated for over 50,000 hours of use, which equates to around 15-20 years of illumination under normal operating conditions.

What does the IP65 rating indicate?

IP65 indicates the fixture is dust-tight and protected against jets of water, making it suitable for challenging environments.

Are these lights energy-efficient?

Yes, Halcon's Vapor Tight lights are designed for energy efficiency without compromising on performance.

Can the lights be used in cold storage areas?

Absolutely, these lights are designed to perform reliably even in cold environments.

Is there a variety of sizes available?

Yes, the Vapor Tight series offers various sizes to suit different applications and spaces.

Do these lights offer dimming capabilities?

Select models within the series feature dimming capabilities for adaptable lighting control.