Retrofit Kits

Upgrade Your Lighting with Halcon's LED Retrofit Kits

Out with the old, in with the new! Halcon Lighting offers comprehensive LED retrofit kits to help businesses and organizations upgrade existing lighting systems to energy-efficient LED technology. With minimal installation time and significant long-term savings, retrofitting with Halcon's retrofit kits is a smart path to sustainability.

Overview of Halcon's Retrofit Kits Collection

Halcon's retrofit collection includes easy-to-install kits tailored to convert common fluorescent lighting fixtures to LEDs.

Both retrofit solutions retain existing fixtures, reducing upfront costs compared to full fixture replacement. Halcon's retrofit kits simplify the transition to greener lighting.

Benefits of Retrofitting Commercial Lighting with LED Kits

Upgrading to LED technology via retrofit kits offers tremendous advantages over maintaining outdated fluorescent lighting:

Substantial Energy and Cost Savings

By consuming up to 70% less power, LED retrofits significantly reduce electricity expenses. The savings pile up over years of operation. Smart controls like occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting further optimize energy efficiency.

Improved Light Quality

Crisp, clear LEDs offer better light distribution compared to fluorescents. CCTs like 3000K and 3500K emit warmer, inviting light. No flickering or humming too!

Long Lifespan with Low Maintenance

LEDs rated for 50,000+ hours operate reliably for over a decade without lighting degradation or constant re-lamping. The retrofit kits are built to last.

Quick, Simple Installation Process

Handy plug-and-play designs enable swift installations without rewiring or complex modifications. Most retrofits are completed in under 15 minutes!

Reduced Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly LED technology prevents tons of hazardous waste from landfills. Lower energy use also decreases the carbon footprint.

Incentives, Rebates and Tax Deductions

Many utility companies and states offer lucrative incentives for switching to LED lighting. Tax deductions may also be available.

Retrofitting with Halcon's LED conversion kits is a smart investment in your business that will pay dividends for years through lower overhead costs and outstanding illumination.

Product Spotlight: Strip and Troffer Retrofit Kits

Halcon's retrofit collection includes two main products to address common fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Strip Retrofit Kits: HG-L206R

The Strip Retrofit Kits convert 4' and 8' fluorescent strip fixtures into energy-efficient and long-lasting LED strip lights. With adjustable output from 18W to 83W and field-selectable CCTs, the kits can be tailored to your unique needs. The sleek modular design simplifies installation - just remove the fluorescent tubes and insert the retrofit kit. Maintenance is also easy, with removable LED boards and drivers. Ideal for workshops, warehouses, schools, offices and other commercial spaces.

Troffer Retrofit Kits: HG-L249R

Designed for 2'x'2 and 2'x4' fluorescent troffers, these LED Troffer Retrofit Kits facilitate fast, economical upgrades to LED technology. The kits slot easily into existing troffers without rewiring. Optional trim kits give a refreshed, uniform appearance. With selectable CCT and output from 15W to 35W, the retrofits can satisfy diverse lighting needs. Suited for office spaces, retail stores, healthcare facilities and other sites with fluorescent troffer fixtures due to quick installation and lowered lighting costs.

Ideal Commercial Applications for Halcon's Retrofit Kits

Halcon's retrofit kits are perfect for any organization looking to save on energy and maintenance costs while benefiting from high-quality LED lighting across commercial settings:

Office Spaces and Corporate Offices

Fluorescent troffers are ubiquitous in overhead office lighting. The Troffer Retrofit Kits enable easy LED conversions to save electricity and provide better illumination for workplace environments.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Classrooms commonly rely on fluorescent troffers and strips. Halcon's retrofit kits provide an economical solution to reduce K-12 schools' lighting expenses and environmental impact.

Retail Stores and Restaurants

Retail lighting operates for extended hours, amplifying the savings from efficient LED retrofits. The kits can provide tracking, signage, and ambient lighting.

Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities

LED strip retrofits are perfect for illuminating warehouse aisles, production lines and workbenches.

Healthcare Facilities

Clinics and hospitals benefit from retrofits to save energy while providing quality illumination inpatient and examination rooms.

Hotels and Entertainment Venues

From lobbies to auditoriums, LED retrofits curb operating costs for hospitality and entertainment lighting that runs constantly.

Halcon's retrofit kits are the perfect choice for any business managing older fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Customization for Unique Retrofitting Needs

Halcon recognizes that each retrofitting project comes with its own requirements and challenges. Their team of lighting specialists can collaborate with you to create custom solutions tailored your specific application requirements and multidimensional commercial space. This may include:

  • Site evaluations to identify all lighting systems that can be upgraded.
  • Photometric analysis to design an optimal retrofitting lighting layout.
  • Combining multiple retrofit kits and fixtures to fulfill spatial lighting needs.
  • Advising on special control integrations like WiFi-enabled smart systems.
  • Mounting accessories and cable management solutions to simplify installation.
  • Custom manufacturing of retrofit kits for uncommon legacy fixtures.

With over a decade of experience, Halcon has the expertise to ensure a seamless retrofitting process with ideal illumination outcomes.

Simple Retrofitting Process for Plug-and-Play Installation

Thanks to clever modular designs, Halcon's retrofit kits can be installed swiftly as standalone products or integrated with advanced controls. A typical installation takes less than 15 minutes and follows these basic steps:

Step 1: Turn Off Power

Shut off power to the fluorescent fixtures at the breaker before servicing.

Step 2: Remove Old Components

Take out the fluorescent tubes and ballasts to prep the existing housing.

Step 3: Connect Retrofit Kit

Insert the LED retrofit kit and connect it to line power.

Step 4: Power Up and Test

Switch the breaker back on and confirm the proper functioning of the lights.

Optional: Integrate controls like occupancy, daylight, or wireless sensors for further energy savings and functionality.

With the Plug-and-Play retrofit process, upgrading your old lighting systems to LED is simple and fast.

Realize the Environmental Benefits of LED Retrofits

By prolonging the service life of existing fixtures, retrofitting conserves resources and avoids unnecessary waste and disposal. The eco-friendly advantages of switching to energy-sipping LED technology include:

  • Energy Savings: Lower power consumption reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power generation.
  • Toxin Reduction: No mercury-like fluorescent bulbs. Lower contamination risk during recycling or disposal too.
  • Landfill Waste Reduction: LED retrofits extend fixture lifespan by 10-15 years. Less lighting equipment in landfills.
  • Rebates and Incentives: Utility company rebates motivate more businesses to go green.
  • US Manufacturing: Products assembled in the USA. Shorter shipping distances slash carbon emissions.

Adopting LED retrofits is an impactful route to shrink your commercial building's carbon footprint and environmental impact.


Realize Significant Cost Savings from Your Retrofit

The numbers don’t lie – retrofitting to LEDs provides major cost benefits that boost your bottom line.

Slash Energy Consumption by 50% or More

LED technology requires substantially less power than traditional lighting to emit the same brightness. By converting to LED retrofits, you can expect to reduce energy consumption by 50% to 70%. These dramatic savings add up to thousands in dollars each year.

Lower Maintenance Costs

With exceptional 50,000-hour lifespans and reliable solid-state electronics, LEDs essentially eliminate lamp replacements for over a decade. You save heavily on maintenance expenses and staffing.

Leverage Lucrative Rebates and Incentives

Many utility companies and state/federal agencies offer generous rebates and tax breaks to motivate businesses to switch to eco-friendly LEDs. This allows recovering up to 50% of retrofitting costs.

Achieve Rapid ROI

Between mammoth energy savings and incentives, the return on investment for LED retrofits can be as short as 1-3 years. It’s a no-brainer money-saver.

Do the math for your own potential savings using Halcon’s Retrofit Savings Calculator. The impressive benefits will be clear.

Partner With a Retrofitting Expert

Don’t attempt an LED retrofit alone. Halcon provides end-to-end support to deliver successful outcomes:

  • Technical guidance on selecting suitable retrofit kits
  • Custom manufacturing for unique fixtures
  • Installation recommendations and troubleshooting
  • Access to rebates, tax credits, and incentives
  • Ongoing service and support

For over a decade, Halcon has been equipping organizations across industries with high-caliber lighting solutions. Their team of experts is ready to turn your retrofitting vision into an illuminated reality.

Unlock the Benefits: Illuminate Your Space with Halcon's LED Retrofit Solutions

Outdated fluorescent lighting? Don’t replace – retrofit! Halcon’s LED retrofit kits enable simple, affordable upgrades to advanced LED technology. Just by swapping the old components for plug-and-play LED boards and drivers, you will illuminate your space with high-quality lighting while slashing energy costs and environmental impact.

Ready to modernize your commercial lighting? Contact Halcon Lighting today to get started on planning your retrofit. Or explore Halcon’s full range of retrofit kits to find the perfect solution for upgrading your lighting infrastructure to perform beautifully for years while reducing your carbon footprint.

What are LED Retrofit Kits?

LED retrofit kits are products designed to upgrade and convert existing fluorescent light fixtures to more efficient LED technology. Retrofit kits save both upfront costs and ongoing energy costs versus new LED fixtures, enabling sustainable fluorescent upgrades.

What types of fixtures can be retrofitted?

Halcon offers retrofit kits for 4' and 8' fluorescent troffers and strips. Their kits are designed to fit into most existing fixtures without major modifications.

What are the energy savings from retrofitting?

Retrofitting with LED kits can reduce energy costs by 50-70% compared to fluorescent. Additional controls offer savings from features like occupancy sensing.

What is the expected lifetime of the retrofit kits?

Halcon's LED retrofit modules are rated for 50,000 hours, which equates to over 15 years of usage assuming average daily runtimes.

Where LED Retrofit kits can be used?

LED retrofit kits can be used in commercial buildings, residential buildings, outdoor lighting, industrial facilities, hospitality and entertainment venues, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. They replace outdated lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED technology, improving lighting quality and reducing energy consumption.

Why do you need a retrofit LED kit?

Retrofit LED kits are needed for energy efficiency, cost savings, improved lighting quality, longer lifespan, environmental benefits, compatibility with existing fixtures, ease of installation, and the flexibility to customize lighting solutions for various applications.