LED Pendant Lights

Modern Pendant Lighting for Stylish Interiors

Pendant lights, known for their elegance and versatility, have become a staple in modern interior design. Combining both ambient and task lighting, these fixtures offer not just illumination but also a statement of style. Halcon Lighting, a leader in energy-efficient lighting solutions, presents a diverse range of high-quality LED pendant lights, designed to transform any space.

Halcon's Pendant Light Offerings

Halcon Lighting offers an extensive selection of LED pendant lights to meet diverse lighting needs. From direct/indirect fixtures for uniform illumination to decorative pendants that double as artwork, Halcon's pendant lights combine aesthetics and functionality.

Direct/Indirect Pendants

Direct/indirect pendants are ideal for environments where both upward and downward lighting is needed. They distribute light in two directions – focused downward to illuminate workspaces, and upward to create soft, ambient brightness. Halcon1 Lighting's direct/indirect pendant lights include:

Direct/indirect pendant lights provide both upward and downward illumination. Image credit: Halcon Lighting

Direct/indirect pendant lights provide both upward and downward illumination. Image credit: Halcon Lighting

With focused downward lighting for visual tasks along with soft ambient glow from above, direct/indirect pendants are perfect for offices, workshops, retail stores and other commercial spaces. Extended mount heights up to 20 feet allow flexibility in placement.

Decorative Round Pendants

For a captivating visual statement, Halcon Lighting offers round LED pendants in graceful curves and elegant rings. Available in multiple sizes and finishes, these decorative pendants become an integral part of interior design.

  • Models: P1908, P1902
  • Sizes: 400mm to 900mm
  • Wattages: 15W to 90W
  • Lumen Output: 2200 lm to 9900 lm
  • CCT Options: 2700K to 5000K
Round pendants from Halcon Lighting lend a striking visual element

Round pendants from Halcon Lighting lend a striking visual element. Image credit: Halcon Lighting

Drawing inspiration from modern minimalism, these round pendants immediately captivate attention when illuminated. The decorative pendants are perfect for hotel lobbies, high-end retail stores, galleries, restaurants and residential spaces.

Linear Pendant

For commercial spaces like corridors, entryways and transition areas, Halcon Lighting offers the C2105 linear pendant. With its simplicity and clean lines, this modern pendant blends seamlessly into any decor.

  • Sizes: 1', 2', 3', 4', 6', 8'
  • Wattages: 8W to 100W
  • Lumen Output: 920 lm to 10000 lm
  • CCT Options: 2700K to 5000K
The C2105 linear LED pendant from Halcon Lighting.

The C2105 linear LED pendant from Halcon Lighting. Image credit: Halcon Lighting

The linear LED pendant works well to illuminate hallways, above seating in lobbies and as an accent piece in cafes or restaurants.


With their elegant forms and energy-efficient illumination, Halcon's LED pendant lights are suitable for an array of applications.

Commercial Lighting

Pendants are widely used to inject style into commercial spaces like hotels, retail stores, restaurants and offices. Signature pendants at entryways make a powerful first impression while linear pendants brightly illuminate corridors and seating areas. Workspaces gain uplifting ambience from direct/indirect pendants. The flexible placement and focused illumination make pendants ideal for galleries, museums and other public spaces.

Residential Lighting

In modern homes, pendants serve both function and style. Above kitchen islands, decorative pendants provide task lighting for cooking while injecting character. In dining areas, pendants focus light on the table while creating an inviting ambience. Lighting staircases and foyers with pendants adds drama while aiding navigation. Bedrooms and living rooms gain warmth and style with the addition of pendants.

With the right choice of pendants, both homes and commercial spaces can enjoy the perfect balance of form and illumination.

Benefits of Halcon's Pendant Lights

Halcon Lighting's pendant fixtures provide much more than eye-catching style. Packed with advantages, they deliver value that extends well beyond their attractive forms.

Contemporary, Stylish Designs

Halcon's pendants feature minimalist shapes and proportions to match modern sensibilities. The round pendants come in delicate rings, evoking a sense of effortless elegance. The linear styles embody the simplicity of contemporary aesthetics. Delivered in trendy finishes like black, white and brushed nickel, the pendants blend seamlessly into contemporary architecture.

Energy Efficient LED Technology

Built with LEDs that consume a fraction of traditional lighting, Halcon's pendants slash energy usage and costs. The long-lasting LEDs also minimize maintenance overhead due to their 50,000+ hour lifespan. Integrated LED drivers and thermal management ensure both efficiency and longevity.

Adjustable CCT and Lumen Output

Many of Halcon's pendants feature field-adjustable lumen output and color temperature. With a simple dial, installed pendants can be tuned to the right brightness and hue. As needs evolve, the tunable pendants can be reconfigured without touching the electrical wiring.

Dimmable for Flexible Light Control

Compatible with 0-10V controls, the pendants offer dimmability for granular light management. Integrate with occupancy sensors, schedulers and daylight harvesting systems to minimize energy waste. Slowly dim pendants to create the right ambiance for activities like dining.

Quick and Easy Installation

From the suspended cables to LED driver integration, Halcon's pendants are designed for quick, hassle-free installation. The lightweight construction, plug-and-play connectors and adjustable mount heights simplify placement. Integrated drivers remove the need for external electrical boxes.

Illuminate in Style with Halcon Lighting Pendants

With their vast selection, adjustable features and easy installation, Halcon’s LED pendants check all the boxes for projects requiring a fusion of aesthetics and uncompromising performance.

For establishments looking to revamp aging lighting with energy-efficient style, Halcon pendants are the obvious choice. Their tunable CCTs and lumen outputs provide future-proof flexibility to reconfigure lighting as needs evolve. Integrated controls allow intelligent automation for energy savings and optimal lighting.

Next Steps:

  • Browse Halcon's pendant collection and request quotes on desired models
  • Discuss project lighting requirements with Halcon's experts at info@halconlighting.com for guidance on ideal pendant solutions
  • Provide Halcon with architectural plans to create a comprehensive lighting layout optimized for visual comfort, aesthetics and efficiency

Transform your space from dated and dull to modern and inviting with Halcon’s line of high-performing, visually stunning pendant lights.

What are the different types of pendant lights available?

The main types include round/globe, linear, and up/down direct/indirect models. Sizes range from 1-2 feet up to 8 feet.

What finish and material options are there?

Products are commonly available in white, black, and brushed nickel finishes. Materials include aluminum, steel and polycarbonate.

Can the light output and color be adjusted?

Yes, many models feature field-selectable wattages and CCT options between 2700K-5000K to provide flexible lighting.

Are the fixtures dimmable?

Selected models can be equipped with 0-10V dimming drivers to control light levels. Some offer optional wireless controls.

What are the energy efficiency ratings?

Products deliver over 80 lumens per watt and are DesignLights Consortium qualified, meeting ETL guidelines for commercial spaces.

What warranty do the fixtures carry?

Halcon provides a standard 5-year limited warranty.

How big of a space can a single pendant light illuminate?

Coverage depends on the model and wattage but typically ranges from 5-15 square feet per fixture.