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LED Ceiling Linear Grille Lights: C2309 Model from China Manufacturer Halcon Lighting

Ceiling lights are an integral part of any interior lighting scheme. They provide overall illumination and accent lighting to create the desired ambience in a space. Linear grille lights are an elegant and efficient ceiling lighting solution, especially with modern LED technology. As a China-based company with extensive LED lighting manufacturing capabilities, Halcon Lighting offers the innovative C2309 LED Ceiling Linear Grille Light.

Introduction to Halcon Lighting

Halcon Lighting has been a leading LED lighting producer in China from 2010. With a 10,000 square foot factory and over 150 employees, Halcon has the experience and production capacity to deliver high-quality LED lighting solutions. The company offers customized OEM and ODM services to produce unique lighting products based on customer requirements.

Halcon’s industry-leading R&D team continuously develops new LED lighting technology to manufacture highly efficient and long-lasting products. As a customer-focused company, Halcon Lighting delivers exemplary service with flexible customization options at competitive prices. The company supplies LED lights worldwide and has gained a reputation for manufacturing innovative energy-saving lighting products.

Overview of the C2309 LED Ceiling Linear Grille Light

The C2309 is a commercial-grade linear grille LED light offered by Halcon Lighting. It is designed to provide even illumination and a seamless modern look when installed on ceilings.

Some key features of this grille light include:

  • Available in 2ft, 4ft and 8ft sizes to accommodate different ceiling layouts.
  • Provides direct lighting to surfaces below and ambient lighting above.
  • Utilizes advanced LED optical system for uniform lighting.
  • Nearly transparent fixture when switched off.
  • CCT and wattage can be customized based on application.

With field-installable controls and emergency backup options, the C2309 LED grille light delivers functionality along with aesthetics.

Technical Specifications

Here are some key technical specifications of the Halcon Lighting C2309 LED Ceiling Grille Light:

  • LED Module: SMD 2835 LEDs with wide beam angle for uniform illumination.
  • CCT: Selectable CCT between 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K.
  • CRI: >80 CRI for accurate color rendering.
  • Input Voltage: 120-277VAC universal input.
  • Power: Available in 13W/25W/50W/75W/100W power options.
  • Lumens: From 1495 lm up to 11500 lm output based on wattage selection.
  • Beam Angle: 120° for wide ceiling coverage.
  • Dimensions: Available in 24 inch, 48 inch and 96 inch lengths.
  • Material: Aluminum alloy housing with acrylic lens.
  • Operating Temperature: Suitable for indoor use, -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C).
  • Certifications: ETL/cETL listed, DLC Standard & Premium certified.

Ideal Applications and Usage

The C2309 LED grille light is designed for commercial indoor spaces like:

  • Offices: Can be installed in offices, cabins, workstations, lobbies and waiting areas. Provides bright uniform lighting with minimal glare.
  • Schools: Suitable for classrooms, laboratories, library spaces to create a comfortable study environment.
  • Hospitals: For patient rooms, corridors, nurse stations where the clean linear aesthetic is preferred.
  • Retail Stores: Accent lighting and illumination for shelf displays in boutiques, fashion stores, art galleries, jewelry shops.
  • Restaurants: Ambient lighting above tables creates a warm inviting mood. Direction light focuses on bar/kitchen areas.

For residential settings, the C2309 can provide diffused ceiling lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and hallways. The flexible CCT tuning allows color temperature adjustment from warm white to cool daylight to adapt to various functions.

OEM and Customization Options

Halcon Lighting offers comprehensive customization and OEM services to modify LED lighting products based on customer specifications.

Some possible customizations for the Halcon Grille Light include(Mind: you should contact us first to get the latest details):

  • CCT Tuning: Tunable white or RGBW color models to create dynamic lighting schemes.
  • Sizes: Custom lengths like 10 ft, 12 ft, 15 ft options.
  • Lumen Output: Tuned for higher lumen models up to 15,000 lm.
  • Lens Type: Frosted, diffused or transparent lens types.
  • Control Interface: Integration with 0-10V, DALI, Wireless controls.
  • Mounting: Surface, recessed or suspended mounting possibilities.
  • Sensors: Occupancy, daylight or smart sensors can be added.
  • Housing Color: Custom coloring and finishes for the fixture housing.

Halcon Lighting has helped businesses customize linear LED lights for airport terminals, hotels, convenience store chains, and dealerships. The company’s industry-leading OEM/ODM capabilities enable tailoring lighting products like the C2309 to meet exact project needs.

The Competitive Edge

What gives Halcon Lighting’s LED grille light a competitive advantage?

  • Superior LED Optics: Proprietary reflective technology and specialized optical design delivers uniform lighting.
  • Flexible Customization: CCT, lumen output, size and other parameters can be adapted as needed.
  • Quality & Reliability: Rigorous testing ensures long 50000+ hours life and trouble-free performance.
  • Competitive Pricing: As a China factory direct supplier, Halcon offers cost-saving OEM production without intermediaries.
  • Excellent Support: Friendly sales and technical team assists customers through the ordering and shipping process.

Compared to similar linear grille LED lights from US or European manufacturers, the C2309 from Halcon Lighting in China stands out for its combination of performance, cost-effectiveness, customization flexibility, quality, and affordability.

Customer Testimonials

Here are some examples of client experiences with the C2309 and Halcon Grille Lighting’s service:

“We were delighted with the lighting effect created by the new C2309 LED grille fixtures in our restaurant. The two-tone effect of direct and ambient lighting sets the perfect mood. Halcon Lighting delivered the customized order promptly.” - Marie B., Interior Designer

“The 50W 4000K C2309 lights installed in our office provide such clean and comfortable illumination. Halcon Lighting’s technical team provided excellent support to help us choose the right CCT and output.” - Bern W., IT Manager

“We have used Halcon Lighting’s products across all our retail locations. The C2309 ceiling lights are durable, efficient and exceed our expectations. 5-stars for quality and service.” - Gregg D., Store Manager

These testimonials validate the real-world value provided by Halcon’s C2309, backed by the company’s customer-focused approach.

Ordering and Contact Information

Halcon Lighting offers flexibility in ordering to accommodate small batched to large-scale projects. Some key purchasing options:

  • Online: Visit to buy individual C2309 lights or sets.
  • Email Inquiry: Contact Halcon Lighting at with any pre-sales questions.
  • Bulk Orders: For large OEM orders, email for quantity pricing.
  • Phone/WhatsApp: Call +86 13823943056 or connect on WhatsApp for a real-time chat.
  • Contact Form: Fill out the contact form on and the team will respond promptly.

Halcon Lighting’s efficient customer service team and streamlined ordering process enable customers worldwide to access the company’s innovative LED lighting solutions.

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Halcon Lighting’s LED Ceiling Linear Grille Light offers the complete package of style, performance, and reliability. As a made-in-China lighting product with global certifications, it delivers quality on par with top brands along with the cost savings of direct importing. With the ability to customize CCT, lumen output, sizes, controls and more, Halcon can tailor the C2309 precisely to your project needs. Contact the friendly sales team today to discuss how this LED grille light can illuminate your commercial or residential space. Halcon Lighting combines technology, efficiency, and service to make innovative LED illumination accessible worldwide.