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Tips for Choosing the Right LED Lighting Fixtures & Avoiding Common Mistakes

by chengjun shi 08 Aug 2023 0 Comments
Tips for Choosing the Right LED Lighting Fixtures & Avoiding Common Mistakes


  1. Introduction

  2. Do's

  3. Don'ts

  4. Conclusion


Discovering optimal illuminating solutions for any given area may prove to be a daunting task. In determining the LED lighting fixtures, the sheer abundance of available options on the contemporary market can sometimes feel overwhelming.

However, familiarizing oneself with fundamental do's and don'ts in LED lighting fixture selection affords an effortless means to simplify the process.


When contemplating the guidelines for picking LED lighting fixtures, it is essential to consider the recommended practices, beforehand initiating the buying process.

led pendant light fixtures

  1. Familiarize with the varying options for mounting. Not every fixture is alike concerning their placement methods. Some are recessed, mounted on surfaces, while some are pendent or suspended in a mount. It is crucial to analyze the fixture and the installation method to select the correct option.

  2. Recognize your ceiling type. When selecting a fixture, it is vital to comprehend your ceiling type and its wiring potential. The selection of an incorrect fixture type in terms of mounting or choosing a heavy fixture for a fragile ceiling may result in complications.

  3. Focus on the lamp type. The fixture's lamps are a crucial factor to determine before choosing a product. For example, if the preference is switching to LED bulbs, certain fixtures may restrict or just not allow the usage of these lamps. Hence, it's crucial to choose an appropriate fixture or at least one that can be updated later on to accommodate those lamp preferences.

  4. Supplement various fixture types across the vicinity. It is beneficial to select fixtures in a manner that enables the utilization of several diverse fixture types. Along with overhead fixtures, incorporating accent lights, wall sconces, or can lights contributes to creating a variation of illumination layers.

  5. Implement frequency of usage while deciding on lamp intensity. The light source's intensity should primarily emphasize the importance of the illumination's frequent usage. Therefore, choosing a stronger light that is likely to get used more frequently can be beneficial and cost-friendly in the long run.

  6. Take into consideration the layout of the room or space. While selecting LED lighting fixtures, it is important to analyze the blueprint of the area in question. Certain rooms or spaces, such as kitchens or bathrooms, necessitate brighter light sources than others. Therefore, it's necessary to determine the room's focal points and plan accordingly.

  7. Identify the LED lighting fixture's color output. Certain fixtures emit a warm or cool quality light depending on their color output. Being mindful of this aspect can guide the decision-making process concerning the atmosphere and ambiance of the space being illuminated.


As a preliminary measure, relying solely on the checklist of tasks to perform is convenient, however, it is also important to be cautious of certain non-conducive factors.

Firstly, ensure that you peruse the ratings of outdoor fixtures before making any purchases. As it is imperative that outdoor fixtures are suitable for outdoor use, it is paramount that you check for their appropriate rating. Installing an indoor-rated fixture outdoors, without attaining an appropriately-rated fixture, would diminish the longevity and reliability of the product.

led light fixtures

Additionally, avoid the usage of excessive overhead general lighting, despite its significance. Superfluous fixtures overpower the area, in opposition to achieving the desired effect. A preferable alternative is implementing a modest amount of overhead general lighting fixtures, augmented by task lighting such as lamps, to produce adequate illumination levels for the area.

Finally, refrain from prioritizing physical appearance over functionality. It is tempting to opt for a lighting fixture based entirely on its aesthetics, however, its primary purpose is to serve its intended function. Fortunately, currently available on the market is a plethora of lighting fixtures which combine style and functionality, for instance, gooseneck lighting.

If you don't want to do the long reading, here is the list:

  1. Ensure outdoor fixtures have an appropriate rating for outdoor use.

  2. Avoid an excessive number of overhead general lighting fixtures.

  3. Implement a moderate amount of overhead general lighting fixtures supplemented with task lighting.

  4. Prioritize functionality over physical appearance in lighting fixture selection.


In summary, the procedure of choosing adequate light fixtures can be a complex undertaking. However, following these guidelines can result in a simpler and less intimidating purchasing and installation process. It is indispensable to consider factors such as the mounting style, ceiling type, lamp type, frequency of usage, and room layout.

In addition to this, introducing a variety of fixture types and color outputs can create a diverse and inclusive ambiance in the space. It is equally imperative to steer clear of recurrent errors such as installing indoor-rated fixtures outside, abusing overhead lighting, and prioritizing the physical attractiveness of fixtures over their functionality

Consequently, adhering to these recommendations can ensure a seamless and trouble-free search for optimal light fixtures suitable for any area.

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