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Implementing Efficient Lighting Solutions for Major Supermarkets

by TSADDE 22 Sep 2023

Addressing the Client's Lighting Needs at Scale

As a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting products, our company was approached by one of the largest supermarket chains in the country to overhaul the lighting in their stores. With over 10 locations across the region, this represented a massive opportunity to implement energy-efficient lighting on a wide scale.

Assessing Energy Savings Potential Through Upgrades

The client's main objectives were to reduce high electricity costs associated with outdated lighting systems, while also improving the customer experience in stores through better illumination. After an audit of typical outlets, we determined that replacing all fluorescent tubes and bulbs with LED alternatives could yield savings of 30-40% on lighting energy usage annually.

Developing a Phased Retrofit Strategy

We proposed a full-scale LED retrofit program to be rolled out in phases over an 18-month period. This involved carefully assessing the layout and lighting needs of each department - from produce and refrigerated aisles to checkouts and back offices. Our designs optimized the balance of general illuminance and glare reduction.

Considerations for Visual Comfort and Product Display

A major factor was color rendering - we chose LEDs with a CRI of 80 or higher to accurately display colors of food items. We also accounted for the blue light spectrum, which research has shown to increase alertness, an advantage for customers and staff. 10,000 hour rated LED panels and troffers were installed 2-to-1 replacements for existing fluorescents.

Maximizing Efficiency with Controls Integration

Sensors and controls were integrated to reduce waste from lights left on in empty spaces. Daylight harvesting sensors dim artificial lighting near windows as natural light levels change. Occupancy and vacancy sensors turn off lights when aisles are unoccupied for more than 5 minutes.

Quantifying the Financial and Operational Benefits

By the project completion, we had installed more than 100,000 LEDs across all stores. Preliminary results indicate energy cost savings of 25-35% per store on average. Staff also report improved visibility and mood in stores. The client was so pleased that they signed on for future consultative services and product sourcing with our company.

Strengthening the Client Partnership Long-Term

This wide-scale LED retrofit highlights the energy and financial benefits that efficient lighting solutions provide for commercial clients like supermarkets. The enhancements also create a better experience that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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