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Enhancing the Learning Environment with Efficient Lighting

by ADDE TS 22 Sep 2023

Assessing the Needs of a Growing School District

Our company worked with a local school district experiencing rapid growth. We visited 5 schools to evaluate aging lighting systems struggling to accommodate expanded classrooms and facilities.

Student population was projected to increase 15% in the next 5 years. This would utilize currently unused areas. The district needed a scalable lighting solution for both existing and future construction projects.

Developing a Comprehensive Upgrade Plan

We proposed replacing fixtures in classrooms, gyms, cafeterias and labs during the first phase. These areas consumed most lighting hours and demanded high quality illumination.

Additional areas like offices, hallways and exterior lights were slated for phase 2 and 3 over 18 months. This allowed upgrading whole schools while keeping disruptions to a minimum.

Less frequently utilized storage rooms, copy rooms and restrooms would be outfitted with occupancy sensors cutting energy usage by automatically switching lights off when unoccupied.

Maximizing Visual Comfort in Learning Spaces

New LEDs provided excellent color rendering for visual presentations and writing visibility. Glare was eliminated without dark shadows to reduce eyestrain.

Dimmable LEDs were installed in libraries to allow various light levels for different tasks. Brightness could be increased during exams yet reduced for reading comfort.

Integrating Daylight and Occupancy Sensing

Daylight harvesting controls in entries and halls dimmed LEDs in sync with natural light levels. Sensors turn off lights when rooms are empty 30+ minutes, reducing energy waste.

Achieving Substantial Cost and Energy Savings

The 5 school retrofit is estimated to cut $50,000+ annually in electricity bills. LEDs consume 70% less power while lasting 5X longer, minimizing maintenance costs over the fixtures' 50,000 hour lifetime.

Sustaining Efficiency Through Ongoing Partnership

Impressed by initial results, the district approved a district-wide LED conversion. We now provide preventative maintenance, monitoring energy usage to identify additional savings.

About Us

Our LED linear light, LED Batten fitting are widely used in schools and hospitals.

We provide a wide range of options on length and wattages for customers, such as 2ft, 3ft and 3ft, the wattage ranges are from 20W to 100W

These product lines not only sell well in the US market, but also popular in European market.

We also provide sensors and emergency kits for various requirements.

The warranty 5000 hours is our basic guarantee on the product, and we also have the after-sales services in the US Market.

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