What are the selection and arrangement of LED flat light specific requirements?

by:Halcon     2021-01-10

the selection of LED flat light:

LED flat light of regulations related with lighting lamps and lanterns, and comprehensive considering the actual according to specific standard. Considering the following content is the key.

1, LED luminous flux, namely indoor daylighting is achieve the requirements of the intensity of illumination, intensity of illumination on the surface of the work is well-balanced, glare, etc.

2, economic benefits, namely, considering the room must be under the condition of illumination, rated power cost, machine equipment, project investment and operation cost of the cost should be moderate control, with a good economic benefit.

3, when choosing led panel light, should take into account the surrounding natural environment standard, also want to consider is the appearance of the lighting design and building rapport.

LED flat light arrangement:

LED flat light arrangement should consider the following requirements.

1, the requirements of the intensity of illumination.

2, work surface illumination symmetry.

the illuminate of line 3, the LED panel light to moderate, no glare, no shadows.

4, reduced to at least LED panel light installation volume.

5, maintenance is convenient.

6, arrangement neat and beautiful generous and rapport with architectural space.

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