What are the difference between the leds compared with energy-saving lamps? ​

by:Halcon     2021-01-11

the difference between the LED lamp and energy-saving lamp:

energy-saving lamp is on the CFL (original Compact fluorescent lamp) Short, mainly is energy saving compared with the original incandescent bulbs.

LED bulbs refers to the use of LED lamp as the light source, it is also high light efficiency, is a new kind of light bulbs, now has a tendency to substitute CFLS, in recent years some lighting exhibition is also the basic display on LED lights.

now both CFLS compared to slightly low light efficiency, CFL lights in 50 - in general 65 lm / W。 LED itself, light efficiency is very high, most in 100 - now 130 lm/W, but due to the LED light Angle, make the whole lamp lights - in 65 About 80 lm/W, both difference is not too big, but the same luminous flux of price is in commonly 2 to CFLS and leds 4 times the left and right sides, less power small price difference, power difference is bigger, than the life compared between the two LED energy-saving lamps slightly tall, general CFL in 6000 - the nominal life The nominal life in 10000-12000 h, LED 20000 h, the contrast only on some exports to the eu or North America as a comparison. In the domestic sales because the quality is uneven, unable to make a detailed evaluation.

to vision damage problem, in turn, is better than that of CFL incandescent lamp, CFL leds. Especially at present domestic most of the LED LED the whole light LED to eyesight influence is not concerned, deliberately to in order to reduce the loss of LED light source to the whole light between the photosynthetic efficiency, in order to make the whole lamp had higher photosynthetic efficiency, luminous flux data, such as adoption of single-stage PFC circuit ( Have higher ripple, easy to make the eye fatigue) , to meet our country about the first-class standard lamp, the price of the sink.

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