What about the production flow for led troffer in Halcon Lighting?
ZhongShan Halcon Lighting has an efficient production flow for led troffer. It works predictably and steadily with our long-term experience in analyzing and improving the productivity of production flows. The determined efforts to eliminate factors that cause disruptions and to shorten lead times have helped us significantly reduce costs and increase competitiveness. We create value stream maps and production simulations to identify and improve product flow, logistics, and quality. We will strive to achieve more consistent and smooth production flows to ensure that customers are provided with higher quality products and services.
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Halcon Lighting is a professional manufacturer of led home fixtures based in China. We enjoy a high reputation in this industry. Halcon Lighting's led retrofit kit series contains multiple sub-products. Halcon Lighting led panel ceiling lights has gone through defects inspections. These inspections include scratches, cracks, broken edges, chip edges, pinholes, swirl marks, etc. we LED light changes the issue of dazzling glare caused when point lights emit. The product generates an only little amount of electromagnetic radiation. It has been tested to prove that it has a very low electromagnetic wave which has limited influence. Soft, bright and glare-free uniform light is provided by we LED light.
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