To explore the use of led panel light advantages and other lamps and lanterns

by:Halcon     2021-01-09

panel lights in the use of many now, but many people do not know what are the advantages of the use of LED panel lamp and other light, macro jump today lighting manufacturers to discuss with you:

1. LED panel light frame aluminum alloy material, light source using LED, the design of lamps and lanterns is beautiful and easy, give a person the sense of comfort.

2。 Design is very simple, not as complicated as other lights. Although it looks like a panel plate, but simple design with metal frame around the outside, is very concise, atmospheric, grade.

3。 A lot of lamps and lanterns, although looks can also, but it is very heavy, and the LED panel lamp, can break the limit.

4。 Ultra-thin design, will not take up the space of the ceiling in use, even if the house space is very small, also can make good use of, is also easy to install.

5。 The most narrow bezel, lamps and lanterns is the largest area belongs to the light source, can let the light and space to dialogue.

6。 LED panel light for you is even big light emitting area, let a person feel very comfortable. Special optical panel, let whole space are uniform and bright, won't appear dark space, thereby saving energy service life is longer.

7。 Although the brightness of the LED panel light is very high, but its power consumption is two-thirds of the common lamps and lanterns, long service life, and free of maintenance, the maintenance cost of high quality light source: no radiation, no thousand, no stroboscopic.

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