The development of led flat light at this stage?

by:Halcon     2021-01-09

because of rising living standards now, when people is choosing lamps and lanterns, attaches great importance to the quality and saving energy, not only beautiful and fashion sense has become a very important factor. LED flat light source USES the unique LED chip, has the good guide plate and the cooling plate, make the light more even and comfortable. The development status of the led panel light?

1。 Side into the type plate lamp still exists the problem of low performance, in order to achieve a certain brightness, need to increase the number of chips, improve the corresponding power, but not obvious energy saving effect. When panel lamp power increases, the light emitting diode module working temperature will increase, thus affecting the service life of droop and, therefore also need to study the problem of low performance.

2。 Improve lighting lamps and lanterns of the need to increase the cost of energy efficiency, the original flat lamp price is high, production costs increased, the price of a product consumers more difficult to accept.

3。 If the ordinary led lamp is broken, we basically can be replaced. If flat light is not bright or not bright, the lamp can be replaced, need very professional people to operate. It not only trouble and maintenance cost is low.

4。 Many people have heard of LED flat light, but don't really understand. Therefore, strengthen publicity flat lamp is of crucial importance.

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