Small clever choose LED flat light of knowledge

by:Halcon     2021-01-09

the rapid progress in science and technology, now in the society a lot of things that have happened in imperceptible in major change, computer, TV are in change, and is the most close to the life of the light also is such. Small make up teach you how to small clever choose LED flat light of knowledge:

select LED panel light, heat dissipation is very important, related to the ceiling light from the darkness of the degree and service life. Everyone knows that if long time under high temperature condition, will quickly reduce the service life, and ceiling lamp brightness is not enough, there was no lighting. LED flat light of radiator, the mainstream of monolithic radiator way, single lamp bead column a cooling way, a plus fan cooling pattern, etc. And the size of the radiator, aluminium also affects the quality of the cooling speed, and indirectly influence the change of the price, there is a little bit of everyone concerned, that is the price of LED flat light is is closely related to the transformer, and occupy a lot of this part. Macro jump of zhongshan city lighting electric appliance co. , LTD. Is a collection of innovative development, high standard production, and sales and service as one of the professional company. Owns the most advanced production line equipment, has the abundant technical force and product development capabilities, advanced equipment, mature production technology, perfect quality assurance system. This company specialized production LED lamp clean dust lamps | | LED LED yellow light, such as consulting, please log on to https://www for more details. halconlighting。 com/

dimmable led bulbs led warehouse lighting is generally used to led strip light kit.
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