Welcome to Halcon Lighting's collection page for pendant LED lights. We are a leading manufacturer of commercial LED lighting solutions, specializing in linear lighting fixtures for a wide range of applications. Our pendant LED lights are the perfect choice for fashion stores, fashion offices, and other commercial settings where style, functionality, and energy efficiency are key considerations.

At Halcon Lighting, we take pride in our ability to design and manufacture high-quality LED lighting fixtures that meet the needs of our customers. All of our pendant LED lights are designed in-house by our R&D department, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered and optimized for maximum performance and efficiency.

Our pendant LED lights are available in a variety of styles and configurations, including linear strip lights, batten lights, and pendant linear lights. Each of these fixtures is designed to provide superior illumination and energy efficiency, with an efficacy of up to 110 LM/W.

One of the key features of our pendant LED lights is their ability to provide both UP and Down lighting. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, from illuminating product displays in fashion stores to providing task lighting in fashion offices. Additionally, our pendant LED lights are designed with a UGR<19 rating, which ensures that they provide high-quality illumination without causing eye strain or discomfort.

Our pendant LED lights are constructed using high-quality materials, including aluminum housings that are both durable and lightweight. This allows them to be easily installed and positioned in a variety of settings, while also ensuring that they are resistant to damage and wear over time.

At Halcon Lighting, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality LED lighting solutions available. With over 100 workers in our factory, we have the expertise and experience necessary to design and manufacture commercial lighting fixtures that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries.

In conclusion, Halcon Lighting's pendant LED lights are the perfect choice for businesses looking for high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions. With a range of styles and configurations to choose from, and a commitment to quality and innovation, Halcon Lighting is the ideal partner for all your commercial lighting needs.

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