Lighting LED panel lamp can replace traditional fluorescent tube

by:Halcon     2021-01-11
At present, the LED lighting technical development trend already completely mature, so application of technical research and development of LED lamps and lanterns, such as LED panel light, LED downlight etc, thoroughly can do general lamps and lanterns of lighting effects, in addition also has the advantages of green environmental protection, and good development prospects. Especially in the green environmental protection, under the big background of LED panel light from light, electricity, and its service life, are completely able to replace the current fluorescent tubes. LED panel lamp life expectancy to do 50000 hours above, is generally LED bulb above 10 times. And from the technical and raw materials, already has a large number of selected, such as proper beauty electronics of the LED lights and LED high effects LED lamp bead, no film capacitor switching power supply IC semiconductor material, with long life-span that tunable optical switching power supply, the development of each component, is to ensure the advantages of LED panel light feature. LED panel lights to choose LED constant current power supply work, is to convert alternating current immediately for alternating current (ac), reasonably reduce the LED light, starting fast, flicker-free, protect eyesight. Traditional daylight lamp application is alternating current, so the flash frequency can lead to 100-120 times per second. In view of the employees working in the factory production line, under the general led lamp lighting is very easy to myopia. The price aspect, I think, need not guarantee so low, is unlikely to be so low. LED panel light, than with the traditional light source, such as LED bulbs, its environmental protection and energy saving effect, comprehensive cost advantages reflect out already. The quality of the natural condition is stable. Usually with a lot of mercury vapor in daylight, if crushing mercury vapor can evaporate into the air, cause environmental pollution. LED panel light, no mercury, and lead LED panel lights are not pests, such as casing can also purchase application, no damage effect to the natural environment. LED panel lamp is recognized as the twenty-first century green lighting. More environmental protection and energy saving, power saving, more and more green environmental protection. Lamps and lanterns of LED panel is not easy to cause noise, right in the library, office of such places. Please consult our website https://www for more content. halconlighting。 com//
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