Lighting is introduced when LED flat light of choose and buy should pay attention to what issues?

by:Halcon     2021-01-09

with the development of LED lamps and lanterns industry trends, LED flat light into a contemporary fashion room lighting lamps and lanterns is not lack of part of it. LED flat light shine light well-balanced, no glare, modelling design is delicate, more and more get more user's like.

choose LED lighting lamps and lanterns for ordinary people, is also a great way to save electricity, but because sales are fake and inferior products on the market, thus to complete both save electricity and JieQian real ideal, it is better to let technology professional to teach a teach you how to choose and buy LED flat light, under the macro jump lighting manufacturers to introduce the common questions about LED panel light when the choose and buy:

LED flat light to buy has the following several aspects:

1, the first is the appearance of the LED panel light design, are looking forward to find a congenial, leds with circular and square now, according to their own requirements, also has is see what do you like better.

2, followed by the LED control panel light tone, to white light or warm yellow, this needs to according to what you are looking forward to get a lighting related, suggest or white light, white light shines enough.

3, second is the output power of LED flat light size, it is depending on you to install the panel lights the room size to choose to install a few, or is to install a lot of a few, general 18 w panel light within 15 square meters room appropriate.

4, feel, have 3 packets of commitments to purchase products, the products more standard.

5, pay attention to the logo, customers LED flat light when the choose and buy of identify packaging or instructions.

6, in the end, do not buy low price of LED flat light products.

when choosing LED flat light encounter confusion?

appearance is very large, then the price apart as cast off immediately. Don't know what is the difference. The problem is that everyone is very concerned about problems. Can be divided into three levels.

1, the appearance of lighting lamps and lanterns, it is relatively easy difference, look a little better there is no doubt that the project cost a little more expensive. Needless to express.

2, driving power supply: this is a very headache problem, because now China haven't the relative specification of switch power supply cost apart is very big. Or you can query: LED drive power associated with the quality of anatomy

3, the LED chip is also decided to price is a very important factor. The size of the brand, chips and so on.

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