led troffer, led troffer light, 2x4 light fixture, 2x2 led troffer
led troffer, led troffer light, 2x4 light fixture, 2x2 led troffer

Halcon, Professional LED Troffer Light Manufacturer

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recessed troffer, led troffer panel, 2x4 troffer lights, 2x4 troffer

Professional LED Troffer Light Manufacturer

Founded on 2010, Halcon Lighting is a LED troffer lighting manufacturer with 100 skilled workers. We mostly sell our products to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand Markets. Halcon is committed to design, develop and manufacture the innovative commercial LED light fixture with high quality to our clients.

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We promise to offer best quality LED troffer

We have our own Hardware Department, Assembly Department & Testing Room. We can produce all types of steel parts, aluminum parts for LED lighting.  For Testing Room, we have 1.75 M Photometric integrating sphere ball for the famous Everfine Brand. Our LED products are UL, ETL, Energy Star, SAA & FCC certified.

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OEM Service makes unique products for you

We provided OEM service for our customers in order to meet the real demand of market.Our customers will earn advantages with the effective reduction of cost and time-to-market. Our excellent team will help you deal with any technical problems. You wil enjoy the factory direct price and delivery will be just in time.

High Quality LED Troffer Lights

Our LED Troffer Lights are UL, ETL, Energy Star, SAA & FCC listed, with 5 year warranty.

With IP65 rating, our LED troffers can work fully functioned under dry or damp environment.

We are able to supply both 100-110 LM/W and 125 LM/W for DLC premium, which are widely used in office, school, hospital, conference room & library etc. 
We also offer OEM/ODM service for producing LED troffer lights with wider selection for customers. For example they are available for dimmable version/emergency version or for installing with sensor, among other customized options for light color, voltage, design, size, installation method etc.

If you're interested in getting customized LED troffer products, don't hesitate to send inquiry now!


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OEM/ODM Service

In order to meet the real demand of market and provide suitable solution, we provided OEM/ODM services for stable and long term business cooperation with foreign customers and traders, our customers will earn the competitive advantages with the effective reduction and time-to-market.


Our technique team has extensive experience in apply commercial LED lighting fixtures technology across LED Light Industries. We can assist you from sample through final product as follows:

1) Improve your products' capabilities;

2) Provide you in a variety of commercial LED Lighting Fixture at very reasonable prices;

3) Your sample and specification are welcome;

4) Excellent technical support available to help you solve problems in the production;

5) Just In Time Delivery.

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