LED light market coverage has much room to improve

by:Halcon     2021-01-09

according to the survey data show that as a new LED technical research results emerge in endlessly, the LED chip cost will further adjust is reduced, and the output power is substantially increased, in addition, the application of liquid crystal TV LED chips may be relatively reduced, which will greatly promote the development of LED lighting industry chain, LED lighting is likely to be around 2017 or so for the LED TV set into the development of LED industry chain is popular.

LED backlight market with the development of LED technology and continuous improvement, the improvement of the it will be the success of oxytocin LED lighting, at present, the LED technology already used in computers, television sets, mobile phone display a variety of industries, the future LED the development of the industry may develop a lot of upgrades. Leds are also more and more new products, LED lamp, LED signal lights, LED lights, LED panel light, LED lamps and lanterns of purification all continue to improve the development trend.

2012 chip doubling from a year earlier, the total average per display application number 12. 9. With chip output power increase and the cost reduced, the total number of chip growth, is expected to 2013 a total of 15 per screen average chip. 1. On the other hand the LED in lighting market penetration will also be increased.

2012 LED lighting market penetration of 1. 9 4% in 2017 and is expected to do. 6%; Because governments around the world department released incentive policy, such as the central government's 12th five-year plan, and with the development of business services in the market, the spotlight and LED street lamp is expected to have higher share. In addition, the Japanese government to execute ECO - Point stimulus plan and improve people's environmental protection and energy saving ideas, the requirement of LED fluorescent light bulbs and also greatly increased.

LED lighting market development is promising in the future, the company should do well the preparation work, have a great market opportunities.

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