LED flat light when the choose and buy should pay attention to what issues?

by:Halcon     2021-01-09

LED flat light is low carbon green environmental protection and energy saving means that today but not the social from all walks of life concerned about the overall target and focus, also gradually into the line of sight of ordinary consumers, many large and medium-sized projects and home decoration are beginning to replace LED flat light to carry out key lighting design, in the future, LED tablet will become the most began to replace the fluorescent lamp LED goods.

LED flat light with special effects, with less power consumption, long life, light colors, bold, wide variety, low loss, energy saving, easy manipulation, no maintenance, security, low carbon environmental protection advantages, has been in the hotel, shopping mall, leisure clubs, office space, such as to obtain the widespread application, under the macro jump taught you this a few commonly used forms of choose and buy small knowledge of LED flat light.

1。 To pay more attention to the LED panel light light color. LED flat light wavelength is more stable, light color is consistent, then LED flat light quality is better.

2。 To pay more attention to the brightness of the LED flat light. The brightness of the LED flat light is a key influence factor of people's pick, everyone application of LED flat panel lamp brightness generally do 85 lm/W. Generally the higher the brightness degree is higher, the lumens per watt, LED flat light is, the higher price.

3。 To pay more attention to the LED flat lamp warranty period of time. Cost-effective LED flat light, the manufacturer also is accountable, thus LED flat light of warranty time will be longer. General LED flat light guarantee all of above 2 years.

4。 To refer to the LED flat light for application of the LED chip. LED chip is a key part of LED panel light, LED chip quality endangering the service life of LED panel light, brightness, color, etc. When the choose and buy LED flat light to grasp clearly the manufacturer to produce LED flat light is used where the LED chip. General import LED chip quality is better, such as China's Taiwan wafer LED chip, the British Cree LED chips, such as Japan, the chip, but application of imported LED chip LED flat light price is very expensive.

5。 To pay more attention to the service life of LED flat light. LED flat light the life of the whole is relatively long, but the natural environment, loss of light elements such as damage, the service life of the LED panel light will suffer harm, when purchasing LED flat light must grasp clearly indicated on the manufacturer of LED flat light damage and service life, general quality is good, light damage small, service life is long, the price will be high value.

macro jumped to talk about the five reference, looking forward to help customers convenient LED flat light generated when the choose and buy, in view of the customer, bought quality, and the price is low, conform to the cordiality of commodity is more critical.

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