LED flat light of radiator is better choose what material?

by:Halcon     2021-01-10

LED flat light of heat dissipation is a very important part of the LED is all electronic parts, generally in the whole process of application or run leads to energy and temperature condition, if ignore the cooling problem, will cause the LED the results of the early damage due to high temperature. Then LED flat light radiator with what kind of good raw materials, the following analysis for everybody;

LED flat light radiator of the following categories, from the material analysis, the heat transfer coefficient of metal material:

the heat conduction coefficient of silver is 429; The heat transfer coefficient of copper is 401; The heat transfer coefficient of gold is 317; The heat transfer coefficient of aluminum is 237; The heat transfer coefficient of iron is 80; The heat transfer coefficient of tin is 67; The heat transfer coefficient of lead is 34. 8.

look from the comparison, the best heat dissipation material is silver, but given the price, estimated few bosses will stupid use silver to do stuff. Less with the relativity of sales market in the whole copper;

sales on the market at present stage LED panel light of radiator is more with what material?

choose is aluminium alloy profile commonly, material, cost is low, the mold material is softer, fluid lines, smooth silk.

good quality lamps and lanterns is copper, aluminum, copper aluminum fusion is the copper and aluminium in plain English with a certain processing technology integration to a piece to the extreme, quickly sends calorific value of aluminum, copper by the large-scale aluminum heat again, this not only increases the aluminum heat transfer than copper, also fill the copper heat dissipation than aluminum, fusion of organic chemistry and then achieve the fast heat conduction heat dissipation effect quickly, is three times more likely than the average thermal efficiency.

if you acquire words for computer assembly, the heat dissipation LED flat-panel lamps and lanterns is similar with the computer CPU heat dissipation; The higher the features of the computer CPU, the regulations, the higher the heat dissipation, LED lamps and lanterns of tablet, too, high output power, the greater the heat dissipation material also rules; Heat dissipation also determines the service life of the LED lamps and lanterns of tablet is really up to do 50000 hours.

under the condition of the choose and buy the LED ball light bulb, heat dissipation and decision quality, when inside the store to buy, light up the lamps and lanterns, twenty minutes hard so feel hot to the touch; If the temperature is higher than 60 70 degrees, its heat dissipation material is not very good, don't have to choose that as much as possible.

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