LED flat light manufacturer to introduce LED to absorb dome light, installation and use

by:Halcon     2021-01-10

interpretation LED to absorb dome light, LED flat light manufacturer to install and use the

macro jump lighting electric appliance co. , LTD. , zhongshan city, is one specialized is engaged in the purification workshop LED lighting lamps and lanterns, LED panel light, LED lights, LED line lights, create famous brand high-grade LED commercial lighting! Company is mainly manufacturing LED panel light, household decorates is generally LED to absorb dome light, installed in the masonry structure to absorb dome light, should choose embedded parts bolt, or use the peng up bolt, polyester plastic plug plug or fixed; Cannot be applied wedge. Described and the bearing capacity of the clamp should be consistent with dome light of net weight. In order to make sure the dome light fixed solid,, and can prolong its life.

elected by stationary, peng up bolt should be selected by commodity technology standard bolt types, the punch diameter and laid deep to bolt to coincide with the specifications.

the total number of fixed socket bolt shall not lower than base fixed hole number of lamps and lanterns, and bolt diameter should match with diameter; Base on the lamps and lanterns of no fixed mounting holes, each of the lamps and lanterns to fixed bolts or screws shall not less than two, and the center of the lamps and lanterns should be consistent with the center of the bolts or screws; Only when the diameter of the insulation stage in 75 mm and the following, only can choose a bolt or screw stationary.

absorb dome light don't installed on flammable items immediately, so that the beauty is generous paint with some home after the three splint lining behind absorb dome light, in fact it is very dangerous, be sure to use heat insulation heat preservation measures; When if the surface temperature of lamps and lanterns location near combustible materials, the use of heat insulation or heat pipe cooling measures.

absorb dome light before installation should also examine: (1) to each of the lamps and lanterns of transmission lines core cross section, the copper wire is not less than 0. 4 was, copper is not less than 0. Be sure to moved around 2 mm, or wire. (2) connecting the power line with the lamp holder and lamp holder in series connection to the power line between solid, touch electrical equipment should be fine, just in case because of loose, a transmission line with the connection between the flame, and produce risk.

if the dome light is applied in the spiral lamp lamp holder, its connection to also want to pay attention to the following two points: (1) the phase line on the center of contact terminals, the zero line by outer thread on the terminal; (2) the lamp holder of the insulation casing without damage and ZouDian, prevent to get an electric shock accident when changing a light bulb.

equipped with incandescent light bulb absorb dome light, the light bulb not close to the lamp cover; The output power of the light bulb should be according to the technical standards selected goods, not very big, in order to prevent the light bulb temperature is too high, the glass cracked down after death. And absorb dome light switch power supply, three-phase five line connecting the two line knot, touch electrical equipment should be good, also want to use black plastic bag each well, and maintain a certain distance, if there is a will, as far as possible don't put the two threads in the same piece of copper, in case of short circuit fault, produce risk. Education children don't within a room lamps and lanterns is throwing balloons, in case of suspension of the ornament on the lamp falls to death or harm the adornment design of lamps and lanterns of actual effect.

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