LED flat light how to design to drive efficiency

by:Halcon     2021-01-09

the power drive is an important part of LED flat light. AC drive LED in single concatenated branch is feasible, but very few single concatenated just LED driver applications part of most applications are parallel. In the case of are parallel LED driver, and the overall design of constant current branch LED does not have to work in the state of constant current, the entire product LED current is influence each other.

macro yue LED panel light how to design to drive efficiency

in large current design, such as LED flat light design, the designer will not be multiplexed LED directly in parallel, because such a dangerous will happen immediately. Typically, constant voltage to DC constant current, first by the two-stage design completed. We know the DC drive efficiency is reasonable voltage and load conditions, so how to ensure that the load number leds or LED with the temperature change in a reasonable range? How flexible let customer change the LED driver number? Solve the above problem to design the AC to DC constant current feedback mechanisms, but so far does not have the technical conditions.

another LED flat light drive efficiency approach: using distributed constant current drive, can provide light coupling drive ability, one of the branch can be used as a representative of all branch. Distributed constant current branch can communication each other, to achieve the linkage of the adaptive mechanism, at the same time compatible control, read and write data interface functions. In addition, the design around zero device, the power output voltage and load impedance matching, thus realize the value of current source and light source integration.

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