LED flat light flickers what causes

by:Halcon     2021-01-10

are asked why small make up to the person why appear flashing LED flat light under normal use, what reason be cause? Don't worry is not urgent, according to the small make up to generally speaking, there are several possible:

1, the LED flat light flickers whether can from the power supply chip is overheating, May you) , the chip has the highest temperature, more than this, would be the protection state, then there will be flashing phenomenon; 2, LED flat light flickers possible power capacitor, a short drive light, capacity decline, leading to flash; Then there is the lamp of the input voltage range is small, such as input power range is 198 v - 240 v, when the customer home voltage too high or too low will appear flashing lights. 3, LED flat light was shining from the grid to find problems, whether to still flash problems, if don't appear on customer home network problems, if still flashing, that may be the power problem, the original poster is to give professional technician analysis, find out the reason, can also be a solution to clients flash problem. Macro step purification technology co. , LTD. Is a focus on research and development, production, sales of LED lighting products enterprises. Company has the international leading LED drive technology, the product by the guangdong light source test center certification. This company specialized production LED panel light dust lamps | | LED lamps and lanterns of the operating room such as consulting, please log on to https://www for more details. halconlighting。 com/

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