Lang's lighting features of LED downlight advantage have?

by:Halcon     2021-01-10

the LED downlight obvious advantages, has gradually replaced the traditional lighting, in today's lighting sales sufficient play an increasingly critical effect on the market. Very is one of the characteristics of its strong controllability, also received a lot of people agree.

LED downlight characteristics mainly include the following:

1. LED (LED downlight controllability is strong: LEDled tablet purification lamp LED purification lamp LED control panel light) Control technology, intelligent system with single lamp manipulation, and group control system; Based on the provisions of landscape cleaning, conversion control way, give a person a kind of varied, rhythm lively experience; On the basis of good controllability, LED color colorful features, color composition basically, in accordance with the principle of the three primary colors add data grey value control technology, in principle can be basically evolved across the nature being random color.

2。 LED downlight good color rendering index: LED light source, high color rendering, generally above 85, the real recovery piece of color, is beneficial to reduce the fatigue level eyes, is a big help for eye protection.

3。 LED tube light application security: LED bottom pressure drive, generally choose the following 36 v working voltage power supply system, no electric shock accident risk. LED cold light lamp, no radiation, according to the content block not easy to heat up.

4。 LED downlight low maintenance cost: LED long life of fifty thousand hours, greatly reduces the conversion maintenance fee on certain level, the LED downlight for solid-state luminescent material, no filament and glass shell, easily damaged components, impact resistance and strong ability of earthquake resistance level, it is not easy to damage.

5。 LED downlight quiet comfortable: lighting work when there is no noise, LED constant current power driver, without the ballast, it is not easy to cause noise.

the LED is caused by the nanotube shiny crystal very high compressive strength of lighting effects, it came out of the calorific value is very less, and very green environmental protection, energy problems in today's world, LED tube lights and other lighting products fully play a key effect.

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