How much do you know about the use of LED panel light?

by:Halcon     2021-01-11

how much do you know about the use of LED panel light? LED panel lights and common lamps and lanterns is very different, it is a perfect combination with the ceiling lamps and lanterns. LED panel lights are straight shining with light two different sides shine way, different way of light have different characteristics, the user can choose according to actual. Below along with macro jump LED panel lamp manufacturers to look at:

1, the performance is better, because the LED light panel straight lamp light passes through direct illuminate diffuser, which greatly improves the system efficiency of lamps and lanterns.

2, lighter: LED panel light out the guide plate, so its quality will be more light.

3, lower prices: get rid of the guide plate to reduce the cost of the lamps and lanterns, and internal have larger space, design is also more flexible.

4, higher reliability, as a result of the LED panel lights and all components used in material quality is will directly affect the performance of lamps and lanterns, needs less components, natural and reliable performance is also higher, the quality will be better.

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