Explore the LED flat light among the industry selling what determines the price

by:Halcon     2021-01-10

1。 Most of the LED flat light is belong to the side of the light emitting structure, but the LED lights line refraction to the lamp body surface, according to the ground, it is necessary to use the guide plate. So this guide plate material and craft, is a place to affect the price of flat light, this kind of cost price differs a few yuan to ten yuan plus area is different, the price gap will cost even more than 20 yuan.

2。 LED panel light power drive and LED drive power, drive power supply there are also very good in general, it is decided to flat lamp price.

3。 The original device of light-emitting LED flat light use LED lamp bead. Although single LED lamp bead price is not expensive, gap is too small, but on the whole the amount of light, LED flat light hundreds of usage has become the biggest cost difference.

4。 LED flat light inside some of the manufacturing process, the dosage of the auxiliary materials and textures to the LED panel light price gap.

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