Did you know flat-panel leds structure,,

by:Halcon     2021-01-09

tablets have adjustable light effect of led lamps and lanterns, create enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, warm and comfortable atmosphere, their latest designs warm light radiating in all directions, is the choice to replace incandescent, flat led lights can provide adjustable, soft, warm light, a lot of people know panel light-emitting diodes (leds) environmental protection, but very few people will pay attention to the problem on the details, such as panel-panel leds structure, certainly a lot of people did not know the structure of plate led lights, please donate, said below small make up to answer questions:

1, flat-panel leds structure can filter out below 520 nm wavelength light.

2, flat-panel leds structure combined with high efficiency and energy saving, the higher light efficiency, long life design.

3, flat light-emitting diodes (leds) tectonic stress high color rendering, light environment is better, the color is more bright-coloured.

4, flat-panel leds structure at present this is the only completely without all the tubes in the uv lamp, is any other leds do not have the common led bulb with high UVA energy in imperceptible in lower the quality of PCB and other electronic products.

5, adjustable light bulb flood lighting installation is simple, easy to use 20 v mains, without transformer.

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