What is an LED panel light?

An LED panel light is a flush-mounted, modular LED lighting fixture typically used in drop ceiling grids. They provide general illumination and evenly distribute light through an array of small LEDs located on a printed circuit board or light guide panel.

What are the benefits of LED panels over fluorescent panels?

LED panel lights offer higher efficiency, lower energy use, longer lifespan, no flicker, instant on, optional controls, dimmability, and reduced maintenance versus fluorescent panels. They also don't contain mercury like fluorescents.

How do I choose the right size LED panel?

Common panel sizes are 2x2 feet, 2x4 feet, and 1x4 feet. Consider the ceiling grid layout, room dimensions, desired light levels, and fixture wattage when selecting a size. It's best if panels fill or come close to filling the ceiling tile space.

What color temperatures are available?

Standard LED panel colors include 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K which correspond to warm, neutral, and cool white light.

Can LED panels be dimmed or controlled?

Yes, our LED panel lights have dimmable drivers that are compatible with 0-10V dimming systems.