What is an LED high bay light?

An LED high bay light is a high-output fluorescent replacement used in spaces with high ceilings like warehouses, gymnasiums, factories and other industrial environments. They have a wider beam angle to provide greater illumination over a large area than typical fluorescent or incandescent fixtures.

What are the benefits of LED high bays over fluorescent?

LED high bays provide higher energy efficiency, lower long-term costs, easier installation with less wiring, longer usable life, maintenance-free operation, dimmability, more consistent light output, and work in cold temperatures versus fluorescent fixtures. They also don't contain mercury.

What wattages are available?

Common LED high bay wattages range from 80W to 325W, providing light output levels from around 10,000 lumens up to 42,000 lumens depending on the model. Higher wattages are used for very large areas with high ceilings.

Are the fixtures dimmable?

Yes, our LED high bay fixtures are dimmable either with 0-10V dimming drivers or wireless Bluetooth controls for various lighting levels as needed throughout the day.

How do I choose the right color temperature?

Cooler 5000K-4000K CCTs work best for industrial/retail applications where tasks need to be clearly visible. Warmer 3000K-3500K CCTs can be used for office/warehouse spaces where appearance is important too.