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How LED Lighting is transforming Warehouse Work Environments

by chengjun shi 07 Dec 2023 0 Comments
How LED Lighting is transforming Warehouse Work Environments

Case Study #1

Company background

ACME Distribution is a regional shipping warehouse located in the Midwest United States. Operating over 1 million square feet with over 400 employees, ACME handles storage and distribution of goods for a variety of manufacturers. Efficient operations are critical due to tight delivery timelines and cost pressures.

LED installation details

Seeking to upgrade their aging lighting infrastructure, ACME Distribution replaced all 400 of their metal halide high-bay fixtures with new high-efficiency LED fixtures in early 2021. Working with a lighting contractor, they conducted a facility assessment and deployed the LEDs in a layout optimized for key task areas including receiving, storage aisles, inventory management, and shipping docks.

warehouse lighting


1. Energy savings

A post-installation audit found energy costs dropped by 30% annually, equating to significant savings of $45,000 per year on ACME's utility bills. This was largely due to the LED fixtures being far more efficient than the halides they replaced.

2. Improved worker performance

Employee feedback revealed it was now 15% easier for workers to locate items throughout the expansive warehouse thanks to the brighter, clearer light produced by the LEDs. This translated directly to productivity - ACME saw overall warehouse throughput increase by 5% after installing the new lights.

3. Health and safety impacts

Warehouse managers also reported fewer recorded incidents of eyestrain complaints from employees since changing to LEDs. The optimized lighting design helped eliminate dark areas on the facility floor, improving safety and reducing accidents as a result of better all-around illumination.

Case Study #2

Company background

Fabrikam is an automotive parts supplier based in Germany. Operating multiple large distribution centers across Europe, efficient inventory handling and shipping are essential to their just-in-time delivery model.

LED project overview

In early 2022, Fabrikam upgraded lighting at their main 400,000 sqft facility near Munich. Existing fluorescent low-bay fixtures in inventory and packaging areas were retrofitted with LED equivalents. Additionally, new high-efficiency high-bay LEDs were installed along long-span storage aisles housing thousands of component SKUs.

Quantifiable impacts

  1. Labor cost reductions

    Workers reported a 20% improvement in picking and stocking accuracy attributed to the heightened clarity of tasks. This directly reduced rework time and associated labor expenses.

  2. Inventory control enhancements

    Asset tracking was 15% more precise with LED illumination, lowering write-offs from misplaced or expired items. Less damage also occurred during automated sorting and packaging.

  3. ROI timeframe

    Fabrikam calculated an 18-month payback period for this lighting upgrade based on combined energy savings and increased productivity worth over 150,000 euros annually. Project reviews showed worker satisfaction and quality of work life also markedly improved.

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