About how to choose and buy school classroom should LED flat light?

by:Halcon     2021-01-10

recent data on the classroom lighting conditions survey, the classroom lighting lighting gray, also with the anti flash frequency, high-definition blu-ray, color rendering index inferior all sorts of problems, even the most basic of light intensity can not qualified, year-long will inevitably damage to student's eye, the key to this is our youth myopia rate continues to rise, so choose the right culture education lighting products is the key!

it comes to school, today's network is to speak of cultural education lighting, according to the survey of students among all the campus through most of the time, if cultural education lighting is unqualified, it will be huge harm to children's development. Excellent classroom light environment to show students the most comfortable lighting quality, improve learning interest and reduce the visual fatigue, conducive to the maintenance of the teacher students physical and mental health. Colleges and universities classroom lighting should be in visual effects for the health of body and mind comfortable as considering the key points.

because the student learning activities in the classroom, are basically close gaze, in order to blend in the classroom environment, visual organ of the person's own adjustment, and make the eye muscles too agitated; Students, on the other hand, serious, long-term training in poor classroom lighting environment, will cause the visual effect of physiological disorders. If for students, the classroom lighting environment and comfortable facilities is perfect, can enhance interest in learning; For teachers, excellent in machinery and equipment and comfortable classroom lighting environment, are more likely to receive most wasted effort classroom actual effect is the effect of light environment can be divided into psychological status and physiological two levels:

1, the mental state level:

( 1) Comfortable lighting environment can make the students with good psychological state.

( 2) Comfortable lighting environment can arouse the students' learning passion.

( 3) Good classroom lighting can improve visual operation efficiency.

2, physiological level:

( 1) Comfortable lighting environment can prevent visual organs disease, avoid visual disorders.

( 2) Comfortable lighting environment can prevent the pollution of the environment, maintain the teacher students physical and mental health.

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